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・"Miakoda" is of Native American origin, meaning "The Power of The Moon"

・deerskin or buckskin medicine pouch. A crystal quartz pyramid is set into the flap. Finished with a braided neck strap. Silver Ethiopian hand made beads adorn.

*** The three beads on the braid on either side of the base of the pouch are no longer available and I have not been able to source a replacement, so this pouch will come without those beads on the braid. It will however still have the beads that are on the fringe.

・Additional colors of hides available. See the drop down menu.

・Made to order. Each piece may vary slightly from beads to the size, shade, and clarity of the crystal quartz pyramid. Note: bone deerskin shade may vary slightly

・Approximate measurements:

width: 2 1/4"

height: 3 1/2"

The neck strap from the top of the pouch is approximately 27".

The fringe from the bottom of the pouch is approximately 6"


・ Please allow 1-2 weeks for construction, unless otherwise stated on the Home page or at the top of each shop section.


*selected photos by Free People


*PLEASE READ: Please be aware that leather is a natural product and there can be natural “imperfections” in each piece such as marks, lines, scratches, darker spots, etc. As well as a slight fluctuation in the tone of the color you are choosing. Some colors can be slightly lighter or darker overall depending on the hide. I do my absolute best to pick the most perfect and flaw-free pieces to make each item with, but please keep in mind that these do occur as each piece is made of natural imperfect materials. These “blemishes” are wholly unavoidable and add to the character and handmade nature of each piece.


  • Please see store policies section for all info

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