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❈ what colors is the deerskin available in? ❈

Deerskin colors, from lightest to darkest, are available in bone, tobacco, whiskey, chocolate, and black. In some rare cases I can make pieces in white or golden wheat. See photos below for examples of colors. All deerskin colors will vary in tone as these are natural products. Please feel free to email me at with any questions at all.
Deerskin color examples below:

deerskin color examples

 A: Bone is the lightest of the deerskin, ranging 
from a warm bone that can have a slightly slightly
yellow hue.

 BTobacco is the next of the deerskin. A warm
toasty brown.

 CWhiskey is a bit warmer than tobacco with a 
richer, more redish brown hue

 D: Chocolate is a rich dark chocolate brown with 
a small hint of burgandy tones.

 EBlack is a classic rich black.

❈ when will my order be ready? ❈

All pieces are made by me and made to order, which means I do not have most items in stock, but make them after the order is placed. 
Lead times for all orders is stated on the home page and on the top of each shop section. This lead time is an estimation based on my current order queue. If you have any questions, are concerned, or need an item quickly, please feel free to email me at

❈ how long have you been making leather goods? ❈

I have been making leather goods since 2009 and have been making them full time since 2012. I am self-taught and love this craft! 

❈ do you take custom orders? ❈

Yes! I am always open to custom orders or customizations to existing pieces I have made. If you are interested in a custom piece, please send me an email at and I would love to discuss.

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