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❈ what colors is the deerskin available in? ❈

deerskin colors, from lightest to darkest, are available in bone, tobacco, whiskey, chocolate, and black. In some rare cases I can make pieces in white or wheat. See photos below for examples of colors. All deerskin colors will vary in tone as these are natural products. 

deerskin color examples

 A: Bone is the lightest of the deerskin, ranging 
from a warm bone that can have a slightly slightly
yellow hue.

 BTobacco is the next of the deerskin. A warm
toasty brown.

 CWhiskey is a bit warmer than tobacco with a 
richer, more redish brown hue

 D: Chocolate is a rich dark chocolate brown with 
a small hint of burgandy tones.

 EBlack is a classic rich black.

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